Few things of concern

1) Anna University bans girls from wearing Jeans/T-Shirt isnide campus and also tights. As usual students complain and going to file a case in High Court. But the students are missing one point even though they should be given freedom to wear anything but guys for the age are not as matured as girls. This means not all guys would look at same vein. Is it really necessary for students to be in Jeans or skirts inside classroom. Another point students are missing is, the college is not restricting them from wearing Jeans/skirts outside college.

2) This happens only in Bangalore. Yesterday returning from Goa, we took an auto from Yeshwantpur to Koramangala. Near Adugodi road an ambulance was coming with its siren on and also honking. Everybody makes way for the ambulance except one which is the Call Center vehicle. At that time only it tries to overtake another vehicle and blocks the path for ambulance. How can anybody do this. Are the call center drivers out of their sense. Even the employees inside do not seem to tell anything or complain.

3) I thought auto’s were a problem in Chennai only but it is slowly creeping into Bangalore also. Anytime of the day train arrives at station auto drivers demand one-and-half charge whereever you want to go. Last week while returning from Trivandrum we faced this problem in Cantonment station, luckily there is pre-paid auto stand there. Yesterday while returning from Goa at Yeshwantpur the auto drivers demand same charge and there is no pre-paid stand. All the more is the auto driver says from Koramangala he wont get customer, funny!!


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