The Interpreter – Movie Review

This movie starring Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn is no great movie. Its a typical ‘Long Live USA’ type movie. Whatever happens in the world only US federal agents or secret service can prevent any incidents. Just because Hollywood is situated in USA does not mean all movies should sing praises.
The movie revolves around Silvia (Nicole Kidman) who is a translator in UN. One night while she goes back to get her flute’s, overhears a conversation plotting to assasinate the Matobo country (in African continent) president. (Why should they discuss with the mikes turned on is anybody’s guess, otherwise how will heroine be in the limelight)
She tells about this to the security people and in comes Tobin Keller (Sean Penn) who is a federal agent. Initially none of them believe what Silvia says, but then by turn of events they realise that what she says is in fact true. (This is what they have been conveying in most of the movies taken till now, so we know that this would happen)
Finally what would happen is again anybody’s guess.
Definitely not a must watch movie. If you got no other movie to watch, better go to some park instead of watching this. For all the hype, this movie disappoints.

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