Hydrebad Marathon

Should I say bad luck or what, the Hydrebad Marathon has been postponed to November 19th from September 24th.
Thats the month I am scheduled to travel outside India and I would be missing this one. Also, mostly the other two after this Pune and Delhi.

The mail from CrossOver Consulting:

Greetings from Crossover.
The Hyderabad Midnight Marathon has been postponed to the 19th of November and I shall keep you posted on the developments. Yes there will be an online registration option.

5 thoughts on “Hydrebad Marathon

  1. Sathish:

    Do you want to use the word verification feature in your comments section under the settings panel. It will help you eliminate the above BLAM(BLogspAM)

    Smiles etc.,


  2. Ayoo Kadavule…*Shrug*

    The above J.a.y.b.e.e’s comment is a BLOG SPAM if u know wht I am talking about! It is generated by a spam bot.

    And this will eventually attract many more spam comments on to ur blog. That is why blogger brought in this new word verification feature for the comments..

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