Char Bar @ Leela Palace

ChaBar in Leela Palace serves very good traditional tea’s and also tea’s from places outside India. They serve the tea in glasses and cups which makes it more attractive. Why I was there in Leela Palace is better not told.

Its a seven star hotel in Bangalore and I believe the only one in Bangalore. Next time you are in Leela Palace Bangalore, don’t miss out ChaBar.

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4 thoughts on “Char Bar @ Leela Palace

  1. Antha Tea oru 100 Rs irrukumaa ? I have seen leela palace from the outside… Quite a hotel. Maybe next time when am in B’lore am sure u are gonna take me there, right ?

  2. There isn’t a 7 star hotel in India . Its only 5 star. ‘causz the HRACC (hotels & restaurants approval and classification commitee)offers only a max. of 5 star deluxe to any hotel in India.

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