Google Talk – Unlimited

Google has come up again with its new initiatives and this gives one a feeling that its going Yahoo way.
The latest to come out is Google Talk. I am anyway planning to download this and test it out.
Please try out and let me know the performance. We are still used to Yahoo Messenger, not sure how much this would click.

For all those Google lovers theres some bad news. Read this.

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7 thoughts on “Google Talk – Unlimited

  1. @nithya
    yes, the site is blocked. found it from the list of blocked sites.
    planning 2 download it frm outside & take the exe in thumbdrive for installation.

  2. @Sophia:

    Windows 97 ??? 😕

    Poor billy completed 10 yrs of Windooooooozzzzzzzz spree yesterday and u had to give him anear heart attack with this:-))

    Just kidding!

    Smiles etc.,


  3. @sophia
    chemistry sounds more your fodder than computers!!!
    anyway, better if you can upgrade to Win 2K or Win XP.

    i pray what u say comes tru.. 🙂

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