How DEATH can be explained

This happened on Saturday when we went for biking trip. 6 of the group of 12-13 moved out and went for further trek at Tada to reach the falls. This guy Srivatsan was jumping from one rock to another like how the alien did in the movie Predator. So, the other guy Mani tells him dont jump like this you might break your limbs, bones….
Vatsan’s reply goes like this, “nee bike la helmet potundu pora. edirthapla oru lorry vandu un bike aduku adila poi helmet nasingi savura, appa enna pannuva” (English translation: “while riding a bike, a lorry comes in opposite direction and hits you. You go right under and helmet gets crushed and you die”)
What vatsan wanted to convey was that, how much ever careful you are anything can happen anytime. When it comes, it comes.
But the way he explained made all 5 of us think, death cannot be explained better than this!!



2 thoughts on “How DEATH can be explained

  1. i’ve known vatsa for a while now and statements like that are so true of how he speaks, makes one think and wonder bout how when something has to happen it will no matter how much we try to fight it. God bless. Vidya

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