Weekend update

Smoking is banned in public places was the order passed by Supreme Court. But the law is not enforced in Bangalore from what I saw. People were smoking in Majestic Bus Stand which is a public place without any regard for others. Neither were others complaining. I was inside a bus which was about to leave so was not able to do much. These guys were sitting and smoking as if it was their home. In Chennai Bus Stand police immediately pounce on these guys and slap a fine.

The third test of Ashes again swung from one team to another to finally finish in a draw which looked more like a win for England. Brilliant batting effort from Ponting and the usual tail-enders, Warne and Lee.

In Chennai a hell of space has been given for building IT Park, which is of course on the outskirts (about 27kms from Central) a place called Mutukadu. Xansa has already started operations. TCS has taken a big piece of land and so have Polaris, Chennai Mathematics society and few more companies. The stretch of road is not laid smooth as of now but the width is there for 6 lane.

While returning from Chennai to Bangalore in KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) Volvo A/C bus which was scheduled to depart at 10:30pm, actually departed at 11:00pm much to the discomfort of passengers. To make things worse the A/C stopped working due a failure and hot air was gushing out. For the amount paid towards purchase of ticket the facility we got was sub-standard. Made many people think during the travel that a non-A/C bus would have been better, atleast better air circulation.
Moreover KSRTC these days have made their normal Rajhamsa buses for travel to&fro to Bangalore as special buses which means more money and converted even normal A/C buses to Volvo A/C for more money.
Will KSRTC compensate for yesterday’s discomfort??

The much awaited movie of Aamir Khan ‘Mangal Pandey-The Rising‘ was finally released on friday 12th August 2005. The movie more than reviews has got criticism and a probable ban from Uttar Pradesh state goverment for showing Indian history with distorted facts and also showing the Britishers in wrong light.

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3 thoughts on “Weekend update

  1. @somu
    thats the difference between b’lore & chennai!!
    the police is strict out there & ppl find it a problem, but when police fail 2 nab thieves ppl complain..

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