Dilbert Comics

I would love to do this if I become a manager or hold any other higher position some day!!

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4 thoughts on “Dilbert Comics

  1. 2 posts in a day, and ur tellin me i must havea lot of time2 blog!

    is this how u guys ran and finished the chennai marathon?

    blogrolled u.

  2. @vatsan
    2 posts is nothing da.. got lots of time 2 blog!! 🙂
    yep, this is how v ran & finished chennai as well as b’lore marathons & few more 2 come..

  3. Sathish:

    I know a replacement for the coffee mug that can make one run effortlessly on a triple marathon
    🙂 But that is a top management secret:D

    Smiles etc.,


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