Biking trip to Tada Falls

Thats what they said initially but one never knows whether what we (ooops few of us) saw was the falls or was that Tada falls, conflicting views and notes. Neyways, it was a joy trip and a biking trip, the first one for me (though I dont drive bikes).

We all assembled at AnnaNagar circle and waited for the mechanic and lead driver from Enfield. Samuel explained how the formation should be and how everyone should be driving. The speed not more than 70kms/hr.

Muthu put his hand to fix the clutch wire of a bike. We halted breifly to have breakfast and biked on a rough terrain.

Since Shyam was finding it difficult to drive on muddy terrain, I walked up.

Finally, we parked our bikes and then walked. While few took dip in the water, 6 of us Srivatsan (2), Prabhakar, Mani, Gopal and myself walked up further climbing up the rocks and crossing the water. It was quite a difficult trek and not an easy one.

The way Srivatsan (doin MA Economics @ RKM Vivekananda College) was jumping on the rocks from one to another looked a scene out of the movie Predator where the alien jumps from one to another in pursuit of Arnold!!
After a finishing off a well packed lunch (courtesy Chris) we started our trip back. Then there was a realisation that Chris had lost the bike key. Muthu the mechanic started breaking the lock and finally out of somewhere Chris came back with key after a frantic search (lucky).

Brief halts we reached the showroom @ Adyar and deposited our bikes.

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6 thoughts on “Biking trip to Tada Falls

  1. hi dude u kno ur very lucky to reach the place an get bak safely cosme an six of my frens visited tada falls an 1 of them was caught in a trap an drowned we tried our best 2 get him out but couldn……finally we lost him forever …..its very risky cos u cant predict wats under and there are places which cross 10 feet deep cos tats wer my buddy died… 2 all of u visiting tada pls do watch ur step there…ur life is precious 2 u an ur frens an family so is ur frens… id is

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