Desalination plant in Chennai

Looks like the desalination plant to provide 100million litres a day project is on schedule and would definitely see the light in the tunnel. The Chennai metrowater has awarded the contract to IVRCL Infrastructures and Projects Ltd, Hydrebad. Read more.
Unlike in Bangalore where politics is bringing down most of the development, in Chennai due to politics most of the development activities are happening. Whatever it is good for the people of Chennai.

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4 thoughts on “Desalination plant in Chennai

  1. Well, let’s wich nobody plays politics with the plant till it outputs 100%.Remember there might be a regime change inbetween :).

  2. @senthil
    u never knw. there might be a change or there might not be also. the probability is always half.

    yes, whatever be it, thanni vanda podum

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