Eagleridge Resort

Eagleridge resort located in Bangalore quite on the outskirts of Bomanahalli. The actual place is a village by name Begur Village. The service was very good and everyone working over there were friendly and more than willing to help.
The cottages were quite luxurious with two rooms each having two beds on the first floor and a hall/sitting room downstairs. It was more of a duplex house type.
I would definitely remember this guy Biju who along with his colleague stayed with us till early in the morning when he had the camp fire on. Even after repeated requests asking them to go and sleep they were willing to stay. Thats customer service, guys.
In the morning while I was talking a walk exploring the place I found a board stating Mexican Hut.

Just eager to know what it was I went in to find that it was a meeting room designed in a hut model and the walls of mud. The lanterns used for lighting was also like those used in those days. Only thing was the lanters had a bulb inside which was lighted not by kerosene but by electricity.
When I enquired about the music played and the CD’s they got, they took me to show the World Space radio set and how they change the stations according to time of the day.
They provide even horse riding out there. There is a swimming pool which is not quite deep but was little dirty since its an open one and lot of dust falls inside.
There is a big cricket ground which has a lake at one end.
Lots of rocks/boulders around and lush with greenery, the resort is definitely a nice break from the pollution filled city.

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