Monday to Sunday – Supermarket

Monday to Sunday a famous supermarket for buying groceries is located next to Raheja Arcade in Koramangala and is quite close to Forum.
Yesterday I was there to this place by around 7:45 in the night for some shopping. The service at the counter is pretty bad and depressing, considering the fact that many people do their purchases here.
There are six counters to collect cash or take payment by credit card. But yesterday for the the queue there was just two counters open for collection out of six (6). The queue in both the counters had atleast 6-7 people at any point of time. When checked with the guys out there, they give a reply that cashiers have gone for home!!
Man, as such the shop is open till 9:00pm in the night and these guys vanish well before that. Fine they might have their own problems which made them leave but its a customer oriented business where you depend on customers for your survival. Which means you should do something that makes the customers happy and visit again.
The service was quite bad.
None of the other customers were complaining or putting forth the point to them. If they are ready to stand in big queue’s for payment its fine with them, but not for me that too after spending 8-10hrs in office with loads of work.
Ask any guy working in ITES (am not with ITES) and they will tell you how they are given mobiles by their organisations and have to check into customer issues whenever they raise a problem. This is what you call customer focus.

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