Way to go Sania Mirza

Earlier in one of my posts I had criticised Sania for not concentrating on Tennis. Now she is really concentrating on her game. Currently ranked at 59 she would break into top 50 soon. Today she won against 9th seed Petrova in the second round of the San Diego Classic Tournament.
Congrats and keep going gal.

Sania has jumped to 47th rank after her second round win. Congrats for breaking into top 50. You can get into top 10. Wishing you the best.

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3 thoughts on “Way to go Sania Mirza

  1. Hi Sathish

    Sania is going really great guns!! I also fearful that the hype would bring her down. But she does seem to be handling the fame very well. Congrats to her! You know what, a chinese friend of mine asked me about her now! She is becoming an international celebrity now! 🙂

    – a fellow Indian tennis fan

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