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Bollywood is never out of space in papers. They manage to get themselves in the media inspite of the rains and floods in Mumbai, but only this time for a different cause and not for shooting a dance sequence in the rain.
Bollywood personalities have come together and filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) against the Mumbai state govt. for the complete breakdown of the city’s disaster management after forming a NGO.
When will people stop just cribbing about the govt. and check out what they have done to improve things. For long I did not write any article on Mumbai’s rain and floods.
We common people are responsible for clogging of the drainage. The drainage system is pretty weak in Mumbai, but what did the big people do except make money on share market.

Coming back to film personalities, they make huge amount of money but pay less taxes. They do not want to pay taxes but question the govt.. They have formed a NGO, but instead of doing activities they want to be noticed but standing in front of media camera crew and talking. What use is the PIL when people want some contribution for relief activities. While it was raining cat’s and dog’s did these guys come out to provide help. They were comfortable in their cosy homes.
Even if half the money out of profits they make, they donate a lot can be done. And lot more can be done if they pay their taxes for correct figures.

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4 thoughts on “Bollywood in news

  1. Hey Sathish,
    Thats a bit too cynical. Although PILs are often known as ‘publicity interest litigations’, i think, we need people to question the government all the time. It helps to keep them on their toes.

  2. @sophia
    the point is only 2% of indians pay taxes and these do not include film personalities….
    if everyone pays taxes, yes, india can repay debts easily…

    what u say of PIL is very true. but never seen a govt take action on PIL’s..

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