Ponnusamy Restaurant

Ponnusamy restaurant is located in 80ft Road, 6th Block Koramangala. I had made a mention in my earlier post also. This place serves Chttinad style food.
Yesterday, I was there for second time and I got an impression this is one place to be avoided henceforth. Either the quantity is less or the cost is higher, but for the quantity served they cant charge that high.
None of the dishes are hot, wonder how they manage to do it. Even the side dishes are cold. One gets a feeling while eating the side dishes that they have been prepared earlier in the day and served later by just showing over the flame.
The dishes are also not tasty.
If you can BETTER AVOID.

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One thought on “Ponnusamy Restaurant

  1. i dont know what you mean.. mebbe you got there on a weekend cause it gets packed and hence average service but else on week days the food is awesome and very tasty… true chettinad style..

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