Cycling in Bangalore

The cheapest and non-polluting vehicle for commuting is not welcome in Bangalore. If you are cycling to office/relatives house you have space to park your vehicle. Even if your office is in an rented building then forget it, no parking. If they allow parking some day your cycle might have disappeared.
If you take your cycle to shopping malls or Brigade Rd./MG Road you cannot park your cycle. Not even the police would help you.
Once when I cycled to MG Road everybody refused to allow my cycle to be parked, finally I squeezed between workers cycle which was just lying out there outside Barton Center. If your cycle is lost, you cant file a complaint nor will the security guard help you. The security will look after your cycle provided you give him Rs.10/- more than parking fee for 4 wheeler.
I thought I was the only one facign such a problem and never wrote about it. But then my friend also faced similar problem this weekend.
Will there be a solution for this. Is there a way, cyclists can demand parking space by meeting govt officials??
Is it wrong to cycle for shopping??

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