House of Flying Daggers – Movie Review

Another Zhang Yimou movie and of course in Chinese with English subtitles.

The Tang dynasty goverment is caught in battle with rebels and the most prestigious & largest of them is the Flying Daggers(FD). The Goverment orders the two captains Jin and Leo to capture the leader of Daggers. Jin meets Mei a blind girl, in the peony for the first time. Both of them are caught and Mei is sent to jail by Leo. Jin calling himself as Wind, rescues her from the prison and wins her confidence. Mei is a member of FD and she falls into the trap. Without realising Jin and Mei fall in love during the journey towards the headquarters of FD.
Both Jin and Leo are captured during their pursuit by FD and tied to ropes.

It is at this point all the suspense are broken up.
The dance sequence by Mei as a blind girl is brilliant. The game is called a echo game, where the girl will have long pieces of cloth tied to her. There are set of drums placed in a circle. Leo would throw a stone on each drum and she should strike the same drum with her cloth. This scene has to be seen and revelled on.
The final scene where Leo and Jin fight amongst themselves and how Mei loses her life is all to be looked out for.

This is a must watch movie and the photography is excellent. The dance sequence and the sword fights are amazing and brilliantly made.
The cast includes Zhang Ziyi, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Andy Lau and others. This movie was released in 2004.

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