Restaurants I visit – A breif review

There are many restaurants I go to in Bangalore being a bachelor, but only make me visit them for some reason.

1) Krishna Kafe – I believe most of the South Indian’s residing in Bangalore know of this restaurant. This is located in Kormangala 5th Block close to GK Vale photo studio.
They started off initially serving dosa varieties about two years back. Today even guys from North visit this place. Reason the sambar they serve tastes better and does not have sugar content in it.
Morning breakfast starts at 7:30 and every item is real tasty. Afternoon they serve lunch on banana leaf. Its only meals but unlimited. (Meals does not include roti/chappati). Night dinner was previously consisting of dosa’s, idili, parota and similar stuff. Few months back they included even mini meals in dinner menu.
The food items are tasty and reasonably priced. All items are made in Thamizhan style.

2) Nandhini – No introduction for this branch of hotels. They are in bangalore for quite a long time. Breakfast is not provided. They provide lunch with more of Andhra style, since its an Andhra type restaurant. The menu is almost similar for lunch and dinner. The price is ok. The food quality is not all that great.
This is definitely not a place to eat roti/naan, they screw it up pretty badly. You cant expect these items to be good in an Andhra style restaurant. One should eat the speciality of the hotel and not try what they are used to from childhood.
Few of the branches also has a bar and party hall.

3) Annachi – A pure Chettinad style restaurant. Located in 100ft Road above Cafe Coffee Day.
All items are more spicier than other places. But real mouth watering dishes. No breakfast here also. The pricing is pretty ok. The soraputtu (shark item) is real tasty. Not that other dishes are not. The season decides their sea food availability. Chicken is ofcourse available all through the year.
If you are vegetarian, you should try vetha kuzhambu or velai poondu kuzhambu. Meals is provided only during lunch time which is from 11:30am – 3:30pm.

4) Ponnusamy – Another Chettinad style restaurant. Located in Koramangala 6th Block 80ft road, opposite Dal and Roti. Prior to this restaurant Feast of Asia was located here.
They have used the same tables and seatings as also the kitchen and the interiors. No changes on that front.
The food items here also is spicy but not as spicy as in Annachi. The quality is good though I found lot difference between the way its cooked here and in Annachi. Definitely Annachi ranks better.
The quantity is also not much, just enough.

5) Grammin – A pure North Indian Veg restaurant. As proper as how Jains are with respect to food habits.
The stuffed parothas taste very good, so are the side dishes they provide. If you want extra spice, you need to tell them. This is a must visit even if you are non-vegetarian.
This is located in Raheja Arcade in Koramangala and recently expanded their space in same place.
This will put a hole in your wallet.

Some more will be updated soon.

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