Harry Potter & Piracy

After movie & songs piracy now its turn of books piracy. And to be affected is none other than Harry Potter’s latest book in the series, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

The next day after book was released most of the people had got the full text of the book in pdf format through mail. The mails had got circulated so much that officials have stated that they are unable to trace the original source of the mail.
I got to know from some sources that some people have taken printout’s of the pdf format and read from that. Even if all those who got mails of the book are not fans of Harry Potter still in some corner who would have bought the book now will look out for the mail.
On Saturday there was a news item in Indian Express and today found it in Times of India.
How this piracy could have happened, either at the printing press they themselves might have made additional copy and released it or someone who bought the book would have scanned the entire stuff and put it on pdf format.

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One thought on “Harry Potter & Piracy

  1. Even my colleague got this book 2 days back.

    with the way things are we shud be able to spot the hard copy in besant nagar by coming weekend

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