Hero – Movie Review

Zhang Yimou’s movie Hero is an action packed one with unbelievable stunt sequences with swords.

Jet Li as Hero (Nameless) mission is to assasinate the king of Qin, which he can achieve only if he is 10 paces in front of king. He gets to 10 paces by killing Sky, Flying Snow and Broken Arrow, but actually he didnt. He tells the king that Sky had an affair with Flying Snow for whom Broken Arrow also had a soft corner. He used this to kill Sky and revealed the affair to FS & BA which ends up FS killing BA and FS fighting Nameless. Since FS is disturbed Nameless kills her easily and Nameless swordplay is unmatched.

The king understands that hes lying and tells a story as to what actually happened and how they laid down their lives as a sacrifice so that the mission could be accomplished.
Nameless understanding that hes caught tells the truth and what actually BA told him which was not to kill the king as only he can unite China. BA tells him three words “All Under Heaven”.
Nameless flies across to kill the king but he does not knowing king’s swordmanship and that he believes only the king can unite China.
Knowing that Nameless did not assasinate the king FS and BA enter into a sword fight, BA allows FS to kill him and finally FS kills herself.
Since Nameless came to assasinate the king but does not, he is killed by the soldiers arrows.
“He who came to assasinate gets a burial as a Hero”.

The director’s method of telling the story is quite good. He starts of with Nameless getting an audience with king and then he tells how he managed to kill others. Its like an account of story by Nameless and king.
The stunt sequences are unbelievable and brilliantly made. This was nominated for Oscar.
Though the dialogues are in Chinese there are English sub-titles.
A must watch movie.

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6 thoughts on “Hero – Movie Review

  1. Hi Sathish…thanks for dropping by. This film has some excellent photography and gripping screenplay. One of my fav. Jet Li films for sure! 🙂 Ravi

  2. Sounds interesting… Is this Li’s new movie or is it an old one ? The only movie of his that I have seen is “One” and I repented watching it !

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