Orkut and the wrong side

Any website would have its good’s as well as bad’s. There is always a misuse bound to happen and one such thing has again happened to Orkut.
Orkut is online community service provided by Google. First there was a suit filed in Brazil for few communities instigating Racial Discrimination. And now its turn of drug dealers. Orku is being used to sell drugs and 10 people have been arrested.
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2 thoughts on “Orkut and the wrong side

  1. mobile-cameras…mms;
    orkut.. drug dealings…
    evry gud-thng has its cons.
    The sad part is… y do ppl always find a -ve thng to do…whn u can use orkut to mk frnds or carry out some social-welfare activities.
    Sad…really sad!

  2. thats reality…
    ur interest is to make friends, for few others it is to do drug dealings!!
    whats gud for u is bad for others and what looks like bad to you is good for others!!!
    theory of relativity!!

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