A trip to Chennai

On saturday (23rd July 2005) early morning about 5:00am my bro, friend Arvindh and myself drove all the way to Chennai. I had to leave my car for my dad to drive around in Chennai.
After reaching home by 12:00pm, had a refreshing bath and a very much needed lunch (mom made food). Again we all started to a place Chembakam which is about 22kms from my home, then after a brief halt @ Velachery to take a look into the progress of my bros house contruction. Drove back home and dropped parents.
Getting changed to pants and shirt and shoes, my bro & myself drove down to Madras Boat Club for the Chennai Bloggers Meet. We were of course late by about 1hr 15mins but then we wanted to make it. So we did.
While everyone was breaking off, it started to rain by 8:00pm and rain was getting worse till about 10:00pm when we decided enough and started our drive back home through water filled roads.
Sunday was more peaceful with a full rest at home and my sis & bro-in-law dropping in for lunch with my nephew.
Now, Monday morning am back to Bangalore and updating blogs now before I start on with my work!!


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