Sarkar – Movie Review

Its not a wonder that these day the Hindi movies run only with Amitabh Bachan, without him the movies end up being a flop.
Amitabh is a don who does good for people (remember what Rajini used to do in Baatcha, before he went to lead a new life). He has two sons & the elder is not pleased with what Amitabh does. Abhishek returns from US after his studies and does not give any indication of taking up the mantle from dad.
Things take a turn.
By circumstances Amitabh is jailed and when Abhishek goes to talk with 1 gang leader from South who grew up because of Amitabh but is caught and manages to escape unhurt.
The elder bro joins the rival gangs partnering 3 and a swamiji. These 3 want to do smuggling business which Amitabh did not allow. Abhishek’s girl friend leaves him and heads for US.
Amitabh is granted bail, in the meantime Abhishek takes over the mantle.
The elder bro joins his dad again to eliminate him due to advice from his wrong partners. But alls well that ends well. All the 3 rivals + elder bro + swamiji are eliminated by Abhishek.

One flaw I noticed was elder bro finances a movie, caught in a wrong act with the heroine of the movie and the CD which gets released, he kills the hero of the movie. After that Amitabh meets the heroine to assure her of security and it is his responsibility, in this place the registration plate of the Qualis they drive shows KA (which means Karnataka registered vehicle) but in all other times it is MH (Maharashtra registeration).
The best dialouge is “Mera style South, mera kaam poora North”.

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