Pushpak – Movie review

This movie came long long back but I managed to get a DVD and watch it this weekend only. This is a multi-lingual release, Thamizh Telugu & Hindi. One movie which did not matter in which language it is made is this.

Director Singeetham Srinivas Rao has done a tremendous job and so are the performances of Kamal, Amala, Tinu Anand, Prathap Pothan without whom this would not have been a hit.
Kamal is an unemployed youth. Chance brings him to Amala but they do not have any conversation. By luck Kamal runs into a drunkard who resides in Pushpak hotel room no. 3039. Kamal ties & gags the drunkard in his room while he moves over to the hotel. There Amala stays across his room balcony with her parents. They love blossoms now and Kamal tries to impress her with his new found money. She rejects all the gifts he wants to buy her and asks for a bunch of flower on top of a dilapated building. Of course, hero has to get it for her, aint it.

Prathap Pothan hires Tinu Anand to kill the drunkard but since Kamal has exchanged with the drunkard which Tinu does not know, Tinu attempts to kill him. Information provided to Tinu is room no. 3039. All attempts fail and when Tinu goes to report to Prathap that he cant do it, that when he realises he was attempting on wrong person.

Kamal then starts to realise that he should not use the money which came just yesterday and through luck and without any hard work. He relinquishes everything including his love.

This is a must watch movie. The instances where Director uses the new All India Radio news in background to give effect to scenes are awesome. This movie has got Comedy, Sentiments, Emotions, Suspense. With no dialouges and just by actions the director conveys everything as in a normal movie.

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