Final Destination 2 – Movie Review

The movie starts with Ali Larter viewing a pile up of cars after a crash and blocks the path of others. What she saw turned out to be true but the sequence of cars crashing and the people dying changes. Premonition is the term for this.
Everyone thinks she is foolish and wasting time until one by one start loosing their lives by some accident. The final saying is that Death cannot be avoided. All these were destined to die in a plane crash which happened in Part 1 but escaped unhurt. Death does not leave them.
They get to know that their deaths can be avoided only is a new baby is born to one of those who escaped. The baby does come out to a lady but still death cannot be avoided. Ali Larter sees another sequence of things that only if she dies by drowning would all this stop, so she drives into water and try to drown herself. She is rescued by Cook (police officer) and only these two survive.

This film has got lot of entertainment.

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