Amityville (2005)

This is real horror movie and not for the light hearted ones.
The son in the family residing at the house kills all the inmates due to the inner voice which tells him “Catch them Kill them”. Few years later George & Kathy along with Kathy’s kid come to occupy the house. Theres whole lot of horror in the house with the spirits of earlier dead ones hovering around. George hears some voices which tell him to “Catch them and Kill them”.
With even the Church Father runnng out of the house unable to save them, finally on Day 29 Kathy musters up courage to beat up George and parcel him into a boat along with her kids and ride away from the house. They leave behind all their personal belongings and never collect them later.

I wont tell the incidents that happen during these 29 days then one might loose the thrill of watching it.

If you had watched the Hindi movie Vaastu Shastra, yes most of the ideas were picked up from this movie.



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