Anniyan goes International

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Paramount Pictures is going to dubb the movie Anniyan to French!!
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5 thoughts on “Anniyan goes International

  1. It is a shame and a pity they want to dub Anniyan. MPD has been pictured so wrong in this movie but all the hype about it(It was a big shock top reviewers, educated subjects, many movie sites-NONE pointed this flaw)

    Such a grave pitfall and this movie goes international..Oh Boy!

    Multiple Personality Disorder is condition where the subject just assumes he is someone else(Assume is a flaky word really..You can say believes he is someone else)
    But in Anniyan, they show the hero actually changing his clothes etc., (made evident by the inspector asking his assistant to photo edit) and finding of contact lenses and other attires in his room…..

    Pity just because it is a movie by some hotshot director people throw away their logical brains and flock to see it..

    On a side note I agree a movie is about entertainment but then if that is the case why do people condemn other movies and write a bad review abt. it?


  2. @smyta
    if you recollect and if you have watched the movie, in the session with Doctor he says “naan muzhichu paarkum bodu en dress ellam change aagi irruku appram naan vera engayo irruken”
    i think its a recognition for Thamizh industry rather than a shame for french industry.

  3. Exactly, That is what I said about MPD being a condition where a person does not change his appearence to assume a new identity. Assuming a new identity is more of a mental state than a physical apperance. Supposedly you would have seen hollywood movies like High Tension, Identity and a few others!!

    Hence it a shame for Tamil Movie industry to let such a grave slip go through their movies given the fact that a big shot MR.SHANKAR was involved here and Geez, all the hype!!


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