100 miles race

For those who are planning/thinking of participating in this race, just think once again if you have not been practising regularly for past one year. Few of runner friends had to say this:

“Seriously, man. It’s not worth it. You can cause yourself some serious damage doing that kind of distance. You should be a veteran marathoner (as in, >5 marathons) before you even think of doing that.”

If you have not done atleast 3 full marathons and feel like running the race get yourself checked with a doctor, practise for long hours to test the stamina.

Actually after my friends told me I have decided not to participate and look out for this next year. I have done only two full marathons till now and am not in top physical shape.

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One thought on “100 miles race

  1. The SMART, SMART, SMART thing to do is to go to a 24 hour race at a site like a 1 mile loop or better yet a 400 meter track and then see how far you can go; hopefully 100 miles but you can get aid, rest and have all your needs met in the safety net of being 200 meters from your set-up.

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