Yesterday, myself and 7 others presented our innovative idea’s prototype to our board member. He was of course impressed by the proof of concept we showed and asked us to develop further. We did give a demo to a different board member last month.
I had showed a demo to CEO in my earlier organisation but this was more thrilling with lot of hiccups with server not working till the last minute.
All’s well that ended well.
About the idea what it is, yes, I cant tell it but its filed for patent and awaiting the last phase of acceptance though I did not file the patent but just a humble developer!! This idea not many in this world would have thought of neither will people would have accepted that it would work if I had told this 6-8months back.
Just hoping that our product is completely ready it will make people stand up and acknowledge.

People generally tend to think that I do not do any work in office due to my schedules, for all those out there just understand the pressure we were in to get this prototype out apart from our usual day-day work which involves interacting with customers and providing solution to their problems.

For all those who feel that there aint much of work in office and you feel bored just sit up and think of some idea, it would sound cranky to many but with due efforts one can end up with all the credits. The journey would be tough but the last part can always be relished.

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