Sania & Maria

Sania has won just the first round in Wimbeldon and immediately media started reporting high about her. Cmon guys let her alone and allow her to play her game. When she lifts a cup or reaches semis/finals splash the whole damn paper with news. Leave her alone for now. This girl gets distracted with media attention.
On the other hand look at Sharapova, she is also in the limelight. By a report in todays Indian Express she is endorsing products and her total revenue from that alone is close to 22.5 million dollars. Still shes winning matches on the court!!



3 thoughts on “Sania & Maria

  1. sania is the anna kournikova of india, any1 who starts modelling b4 their career takes off they wont perform well is my theory!!

  2. @srvatsan
    xactly thats quite true. Sachin started endorsing after he started scoring runs. Narain was in limelight after getting the F1 contract.

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