Are you guys so desperate

(due credit to the author of the lines above in the photo)

Hey guys, why are you so desperate. what drives you to rape?
I have never been able to imagine the reasons or get answers. Todays Indian Express carries a news item of a guy raping an 85yrd old. And the result, she died. Man, what senses do you expect in a 85yr old lady. Shes like your grandmom. Would you rape your mom or sister or daughter (though there have been incidents of these also).
Should not this guy be put to death, first for raping tourture him and never allow him to faint or die, second put him to death for raping the lady leading to her death which amounts to murder.



2 thoughts on “Are you guys so desperate

  1. @anjali
    that prob is the family members r not willing to come forward and push that damn guy behind bars for ever…
    this happens with most of the victims

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