Tomato rice!!

Yesterday I made tomato paste for dinner which can be mixed with rice and consumed. The recipe for making the paste for 3 people goes like this:

1) Cut 5 tomatoes into small pieces or grind it in a mixer grinder
2) Pour about 6-7 teaspoons of oil in vessel and add kadugu (mustard)
3) Once the oil is heated add kadalai parupu (sorry dont know the english equivalent) and wait till it gets fried/roasted
4) Take the vessel from the heat source
5) Add red chilly powder (molaga podi) about 1-2 spoons
6) Add 1/2-3/4 spoon of salt
7) Mix well and add the pieces of tomato
8) Place the vessel again on the heat source till tomatoes skin get peeled off due to the heat.

Now you got the spicy tomato paste ready.
This did not taste as bad as I had expected it to!! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Tomato rice!!

  1. Sathish:

    Looks yum yum!!!
    After having an English lunch..Ur post makes me *SIGH*…wish I had this instead of that!!

    Smiles etc.,


  2. @anjali
    even it was the laziness which made us decide to make this and I had to end up making it…
    u can try it, quite easy & fast & effective…

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